Pitter Pats kids club


Pitter Pats Kids Club is a club for kids under 12 who desire to partner with First Steps and help young children in North Korea.


History of Pitter Pats

Shaunti Bains

At six years old, Shaunti Bains had a basic understanding of the challenges children in North Korea were facing. She heard that children weren’t getting the nutrients they needed to develop and grow so she decided to do something about it.

In 2005, Shaunti founded First Steps’ Pitter Pats Kids Club, a network of kids fundraising and raising awareness to help kids living in North Korea.

"If you see a problem, and it bugs you, do something about it. If some people have already started it makes it easier for another person to join and that makes it easier for another person to help." 


how kids can help


Pitter Pats Kids Club members are inspirational youngsters and First Steps’ best advocates and supporters! To begin, every member receives an official First Steps Coin Can. The coins collected are used to purchase soybeans, which are turned into nutritious soymilk for children in North Korea. Remember, one dollar provides one kid with one cup of yummy soymilk everyday for a whole month! Set up your Coin Can in a secure and visible place. Here are some suggestions:



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